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Welcome To Origin

A Unique Montessori School in a way of creating better world for Future
Origin Montessori provides early childhood education by following Montessori Pedagogy.
Origin Montessori strongly believes that Montessori Pedagogy is not a mere method to convey only academic skills but to preparing for life.


what parent says

It’s really been a great journey for vibhav with Origin. He had various kinds of teachings, learnings, exposure and field trips during the whole academic. He learnt many things and thoughts through the practical experiences, various kinds of festival celebrations, mother’s day, Friend ship day, fireless cooking,etc. The teachers of Origin were very close and affectionate towards the child. This feeling of teachers towards Vibhav made him to go to school with lots of happiness and enthusiasm. When we joined my son, he was hardly speaking few words. In just few months time he picked up the language at great speed. As the parents of vibhav we can just say he was in the right hands. Special thanks to Anu ma’am, Priya ma’am and Gomathi ma’am. Thanks Origin


” Everyday my child look forward to go to school, which by itself shows how much Prateek likes the School, his first teachers, his first school & class mates. The difference in him was so visible that the school did not only teach him the regular subjects but the life basics aswell, when he tells us not to jump signals, us thank the day to day helpers and social workers we see on the way, gives us the feel that the fundamentals have been seeded very well thru their practical sessions and gives us as parents the confidence that he will raise up as a good human being too..

Thanks to all the teachers and staff who has been guiding the children in their value system which is slowly disappearing and is the need of the hour..


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